"Physique Wise: Wisdom in pursuit of your best body"

My name is Paul and I specialise in providing exceptional results and unparalleled service to those looking for improvements to their physique and health.

With 10 years experience as a coach, I have found that most of my clients had one of the following problems: Confusion regarding the best approach to lose fat; a perceived lack of time or motivation to make change happen; a willingness to make changes but lacking any clear guidance or structure.

Physique Wise provides a solution to all of these problems: -

  • Provides you with the best & most efficient route to achieve the result you desire, whilst educating you along the way

  • Provides all the accountability you require to ensure you achieve your goal

  • Provides a clear pathway to achieve success

Paul Stevenson is an exemplary personal fitness trainer, individually tailoring your training to your specific abilities and ambitions, and pushing you (within reason) to exceed both
— Mark Shenton, International Theatre Critic

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