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I would call Paul a life and game changer. When I started training with Paul, I was a broken women. I hadn’t trained properly for 2months due to injury and I was very deflated.
I know what I am capable of but I needed that coach who was going to bring me back to basics, be precise in teaching me the technique and get me on injury free road and feeling strong again.
In regards to training programs, Paul has hit every nail on the head with program design. It’s kept me interested, made me challenge myself and most importantly injury free and structurally strong again. Paul is a master at what he does and so humble at the same time.
I’ve learnt so much from him and he’s always there 24/7 to support.
Bring on next year Paul, where a long dream of mine is to get on stage. Well that will finally come true. I will be ready and that’s because of with your motivation, guidance and wealth of knowledge!
I can’t thank you enough Paul!
I know this will be hard for you to take this feedback but you honestly have been awesome!!
Best investment I have made to feeling human again
— Roxanne Oldham
Roxanne Oldham

Roxanne Oldham

Paul is hands down the best, most competent trainer I’ve had. The results I have had in the six months that I have trained with Paul have been amazing - I am much leaner, stronger and feel more confident. Paul really knows his stuff exercise and nutrition-wise, obviously, but also in terms of coaching techniques. He equips me with all the tools I need to achieve my goals, including good form and solid workouts that are regularly updated.

I’ve been to a few group classes and seen a few trainers before and they usually focus on the one hour that you train together once a week and that’s it. With Paul it’s the opposite - the session we have together each week is part of a plan and I know exactly what to do when I’m training solo. The level of proactive follow up that he does is really amazing, it really helps to stay consistent, motivated and focused. Not to mention he’s a super nice down-to-earth guy!
— Felix Delhomme
Before I began training with Paul, the thought of going to the gym absolutely filled me with dread... After a few sessions with Paul I was extremely motivated, and looked forward to going to the gym... His good humoured approach, the time he took to listen, understand, think about and develop my program meant that I really enjoyed the sessions and the results that followed.
— Tim Andrews, Director
Paul has helped me so much over the past 18 months helping me get leaner and healthier in an extremely demanding and stressful year, Adapting my training and nutrition to my situation whether being over worked or on the road or on holiday. Its not just a diet or training plan Paul goes through it all and explains to you why. Paul’s ability to know when to push me and when to pull back and heal my body. His attention to all details of my life and teaching me to understand my body is outstanding. That along with being a top bloke I couldn’t recommend him enough.
— Scott Kiely
Scott Kiely

Scott Kiely

I’ve been overweight for 30 years. I’m 30 years old. I have numerous ‘before’ pictures taken at various points in my life and I thought it was about time I worked towards the ‘after’.

Paul was recommended to me through a friend that I had seen go on an inspiring fat to fit journey over recent years. I was as optimistic and hopeful as I was with every other personal trainer I’ve met in my time. I guess I thought I’d give it a go for a while and then gradually tell myself that eating was my thing and I looked ok how I was. This was different. With Paul I knew I would succeed. I had an overwhelming sense of determination that I didn’t know existed.

I’ve never been bothered about winning. I’ve always been happy to just scrape by, doing the minimum. A ‘one up from the bottom’ kind of guy. Not anymore, I told Paul I want to be his number one success story. I still have a way to go but he truly has made me see what’s possible and feel the best I’ve ever felt.
— Daniel Blakemore
Daniel Blakemore

Daniel Blakemore

I have been training with Paul for almost one year now. More recently I signed up to compete in the 2017 Noosa Triathlon. Teaming up with Paul to prepare for this triathlon was a no brainer. In my opinion a good coach should have all of the qualities as a good teacher. This is what separates Paul from other personal trainers. Paul clearly understands the strengths & weaknesses of his clients and can effectively communicate how to build on the strengths and address the weaknesses. I know Paul does not just rely on his experience to date and is always proactively developing himself further so he can continue teaching his clients the latest in strength training and nutrition. Thanks coach Paul for helping me get strong and 110% ready for my Triathlon!!!
— Mike Steele
Mike Steele competing in the Noosa Triathlon

Mike Steele competing in the Noosa Triathlon

The results have been excellent. I have seen a real step change in my fitness regime through working with Paul, breaking out of entrenched practices - and a real change in my physique.
— A. Woods, Director
Paul’s training methods are very precise with a strict focus on form and tempo. This means you get a lot out of personal training because very few people including other trainers have this level of knowledge and discipline. On top of this Paul is always extremely cheerful and fun to be with and training was always something to look forward to.
— Neil Dryden, Lawyer
Paul Stevenson is an exemplary personal fitness trainer, individually tailoring your training to your specific abilities and ambitions, and pushing you (within reason) to exceed both! I never thought that the gym was for me, as I have always been rather overweight; but Paul made me feel supported instead of judged. His warmth and sincerity are utterly sincere
— Mark Shenton, Theatre Critic
Paul is more than a trainer, he is an outstanding fitness instructor, a life coach and a nutrionalist all in one. His breadth of expertise is outstanding and his passion and enthusiasm for your well being exceeds expectations.
Paul has quite literally transformed me; and still continues to be a significant influence on both my physical fitness and my lifestyle choices.
Paul is knowledgeable, patient and continually enhances and modifies the programme whilst developing my own sense of self and self-discipline to maintain and improve.
— Mark Corrigan
I started training with Paul not because I needed motivation to get to the gym but because I wanted to raise my training to a new level, and he has really delivered.

The workouts Paul sets for me consistently challenge me and deliver continual progress, and in my mid-40s I find myself in the best shape of my life.

I can’t speak highly enough of Paul’s expertise, support and professionalism. I have enjoyed every session I’ve had with him and I would recommend him to anyone looking to ensure that they get the maximum benefit from the time they spend in the gym
— J. Henson, Author
In terms of “results” Paul’s commitment to his own self development and his chosen career has shone through. I have always been what one would call skinny with hardly any muscle definition, however training with Paul has seen my body shape, strength and muscularity radically change. I am now proud to say that I actually have biceps, pectoral definition and can lift and squat weights I simply cannot believe.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending Paul to anyone and everyone, he is truly inspirational, achieves results and just as important in a Personal Trainer he is a proper lovely bloke.
— Paul Cornell
Paul was my PT for three months and I couldn’t have asked for more from him. Paul was very thorough throughout the whole 3 months of my time with him. At the start, he sat me down and listened to what I wanted to achieve both physically and mentally. My goal was to feel more confident in myself, tone up and lose body fat. He made a eating and workout program for me that I loved and he checked in every week to make sure I was happy with it and offered to alter it to suit my lifestyle better (keeping it aligned with my goals). Paul brings to PT something I haven’t seen before and that’s an all round health check on your outer body, inner health and what goes on between the ears which I loved. Paul makes the experience very personal and you feel as if you are his only client because he is so interested in how you are getting on. I loved having my PT sessions with Paul because I always walked away feeling so much better about myself. I can’t thank Paul enough for all his hard work and attention to detail that he put into my workouts. I have walked away feeling the most confident I have ever felt about my body - which means so much to me. I have also walked away feeling like I have learnt a lot about how to eat properly, my posture, the correct positioning for exercises like deadlifts, squats etc. I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to see results, to work with a very genuine person and a trustworthy PT. I will 100% be training with him again in the future. A huge thank you to Paul for your time and commitment.
— Yolanda Kerr
I don’t have much experience with trainers, and what little exposure I do have has been awful. So, when I saw Paul for the first time, naturally I was sceptical. However, I was BLOWN AWAY by his wealth of knowledge spanning anatomy, nutrition, and just fitness in general. He diagnosed my tight ankles within seconds and targeted my fitness program to build all the muscles I have unintentionally neglected all my life. Do yourself the biggest favour of your life: book an hour with Paul. It actually will change your life.
— Hayley Maynard
As cliche as it sounds, I’m 34 and in easily the best shape of my life. I looked back at periods where I thought I was in really good shape- I wasn’t. Previously I would get skinny and then balloon back up again. This time, I tried getting help with Paul. I started out at 16.6% bodyfat. I’m now at 9% bodyfat and can lift (by any measure) more than I’ve ever been able to.

In my opinion, to really succeed with a physical trainer, they have to have two traits. The first is that you actually have to want to be around them for an hour multiple times a week. Paul is a genuinely nice guy and a good conversationalist. He’s encouraging, but not to the point of being pandering or disingenuous.

The second is that the trainer is able to devise a plan that is enjoyable, varied and (most importantly) gets results. In just over 100 days working together, Paul has put together 5 (FIVE!) different plans- each one different than the last and each has catered to or worked around my previous injuries. Throughout this, we’ve maintained a keen focus on my diet, INCREASING carbohydrates by ~100g a day. I hadn’t eaten fruit without hating myself for three years- now I eat fruit and love the results.

Working with Paul has been great- I’ve made progress far beyond where I thought I previously could and at no point has it felt too strenuous or unenjoyable. I would fully recommend him (and lots and lots of cauliflower) to anyone that would like to see the kind of result I’ve seen.
— Eric Finnell
I started training with Paul because I was confused. I’d been trying to get fitter and leaner but without any real plan and running myself into the ground in the process.
Working with an online PT wasn’t something I’d really considered before but I’d seen Paul’s social media and I was soon blown away by the results first hand. Immediately Paul added discipline and structure to my training. My body shape and muscle strength is now the best it’s been in 15 years.
Paul’s staged but constantly challenging approach and willingness to explain his reasoning mean that improvements aren’t just limited to the gym but translate into lifestyle choices too. I couldn’t recommend Paul enough.
— James
When I was considering who to ask to help me get into the best shape I possibly could for my wedding, there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that I’d ask Paul to help me. Having watched my fiancé transform his physique before my own eyes from a man who never hit the gym to someone who is in fantastic shape I already had proof that Paul knew what he was doing.
So, I rocked up on day 1- having spent 2 years doing bootcamp (which I loved for its community aspect) with excellent cardio fitness but not much in the way of strength. I’d also been eating at minimum calories for such a long time that the word “carbs” (apart from a glass of bubbles of course) didn’t feature in my vocabulary. Cue Paul: he told me to stop the cardio, do less exercise and eat more. Well, that had me freaking out and questioning his credentials pretty quickly.
What followed was 5 months of gruelling workouts and excellent nutritional advice including a weekly check in with Paul to make sure the plan suited me and my needs. Paul made sure to check in with me at every step, always managed to tailor the workouts so they felt just that bit more challenging than the last plan and to explain to me exactly why I was eating what I was eating. It’s hard to capture just how much I appreciated his steady support, good hearted banter during workout sessions and confidence that yes, I could indeed lift more than the last session ;). I would recommend Paul to anyone looking to put in the work, understand the fitness lifestyle and what it really takes to get to the next level. At the end of the day, I feel stronger than I ever have before, healthier (thanks to his insistence on more carbs - not in the form of bubbles- and calories in general) and more “defined” than I ever have before. Had you told me 5 years ago that deadlifting 50kg was possible - I’d say no way! Thanks Paul, your commitment to your work, your passion for what you do and your friendly and good hearted nature has made what could have been a really tough 5 months fly by! I do think my future husband will be glad of not having to eat tuna and mushrooms for dinner for a while though....

P.s I still hate lunges
— Sarah Weiss