Dan's Story


"I’ve been overweight for 30 years. I’m 30 years old. I have numerous ‘before’ pictures taken at various points in my life and I thought it was about time I worked towards the ‘after’. 

Paul was recommended to me through a friend that I had seen go on an inspiring fat to fit journey over recent years. I was as optimistic and hopeful as I was with every other personal trainer I’ve met in my time. I guess I thought I’d give it a go for a while and then gradually tell myself that eating was my thing and I looked ok how I was. This was different. With Paul I knew I would succeed. I had an overwhelming sense of determination that I didn’t know existed. 

I’ve never been bothered about winning. I’ve always been happy to just scrape by, doing the minimum. A ‘one up from the bottom’ kind of guy. Not anymore, I told Paul I want to be his number one success story. I still have a way to go but he truly has made me see what’s possible and feel the best I’ve ever felt."