Kieran's Story


"At the start of the year I was bouncing from program to program with
little to no results. Out of frustration I reached out to Paul who I
remembered used to coach at another Gym I had previously trained at in
the city, and asked him for some training advice online. I wanted to
get in shape before heading on a holiday which didn’t unfortunately
happen due to my poor eating habits. Upon return from my holiday I
asked him to step it up a notch and keep me completely accountable for
my nutrition and training. That is where things started to get
interesting; Paul’s plan was for me to record everything I ate and
update him on a daily basis which I have done consistently since mid
September - my bodyweight has dropped from 119kg to 107kg in that
time. I haven’t been eating a severe calorie deficit for the whole
time either; we have been working with planned periods of dieting
in-dispersed with breaks that help keep me sane. Paul has helped me
understand how to make the right choices when it comes to food and how
to select high volume foods that fill you up when eating in a calorie
deficit - you don’t feel deprived at all when you are getting close to
300gm of protein a day from whole food sources. I particularly like
how simple Paul’s advice is, and he can show you how you can implement
it to fit your own lifestyle. I am extremely happy with the results we
have achieved so far, Paul is a great accountability partner and is
consistent with his check ins to see how I am going. My initial goal
of reaching 100kg is not far away now, after achieving this I will
still call on Paul to help me maintain the results. Paul makes use of
a great app to record all workouts and it even links to your
myfitnesspal account so full transparency means he will soon know if
you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing. I would
wholeheartedly recommend Paul to anyone trying to achieve any
training/nutrition goals - he walks the talk and is in great shape
year round himself. His approach to training and nutrition is
sustainable and the way he treats his clients is what makes someone
like me loyal to the Physique Wise brand."