Eric went from 16.6% body fat to 8.0% in a little over 12 weeks

Eric went from 16.6% body fat to 8.0% in a little over 12 weeks

As cliche as it sounds, I’m 34 and in easily the best shape of my life.  I looked back at periods where I thought I was in really good shape- I wasn’t. Previously I would get skinny and then balloon back up again. This time, I tried getting help with Paul. I started out at 16.6% bodyfat. I’m now at 9% bodyfat and can lift (by any measure) more than I’ve ever been able to.

In my opinion, to really succeed with a physical trainer, they have to have two traits.  The first is that you actually have to want to be around them for an hour multiple times a week.  Paul is a genuinely nice guy and a good conversationalist.  He’s encouraging, but not to the point of being pandering or disingenuous.  

The second is that the trainer is able to devise a plan that is enjoyable, varied and (most importantly) gets results.  In just over 100 days working together, Paul has put together 5 (FIVE!) different plans- each one different than the last and each has catered to or worked around my previous injuries.  Throughout this, we’ve maintained a keen focus on my diet, INCREASING carbohydrates by ~100g a day. I hadn’t eaten fruit without hating myself for three years- now I eat fruit and love the results. 

Working with Paul has been great- I’ve made progress far beyond where I thought I previously could and at no point has it felt too strenuous or unenjoyable.  I would fully recommend him (and lots and lots of cauliflower) to anyone that would like to see the kind of result I’ve seen.