Client Testimonial: Oisin

“Paul has had a massive positive impact on my life over the last few months. In October 2018 I was at my heaviest at nearly 105kg. I wasn’t training and I was unhappy as a result of my size and weight. I was only fitting into XL or XXL clothes and I was making poor nutritional choices which further compounded the issue at hand. I did not know where to start to get back on track.

Fast forward to March 2019 and I am now weighing 87kg and getting closer to my goal weight of low 80’s. My nutrition and training are the most consistent they’ve ever been and Paul has been the catalyst of this change. When training previously I have felt overwhelmed by the mammoth task ahead and would give up after not seeing instant results.


Paul’s approach has enabled me to set stretching goals, broken down into short term milestones. Targets included, goal weight, goal BF%, nutrition compliance, training compliance etc. I have a long term goal in sight but the short term targets keep my motivation levels up on a week to week basis.

Paul’s training plans take into consideration the time and facilities that are available to me while training alone.

Nutrition plans are also suited to my preferences and with Paul’s new cookbooks there is even more options and variety when it comes to the nutrition. Paul also recognises that there needs to be regular changes in the nutrition plan where additional calories may be added for a set period. This makes the overall plan sustainable long term and not just a quick fix solution.

As a follow up to the training and nutrition plans he also checks in with me on a daily basis to see if I am having any issues with either. Paul’s proactive approach and interest in my progress further drives my commitment and determination to hitting my goals.

Paul’s methods have changed how I approach training, nutrition and this enables me to incorporate the plans into my busy work schedule.

I look forward to continuing the progress already made with Paul over the coming months and years.”