Client Testimonial: Roxy


“I would call Paul a life and game changer. When I started training with Paul, I was a broken women. I hadn't trained properly for 2months due to injury and I was very deflated. 
I know what I am capable of but I needed that coach who was going to bring me back to basics, be precise in teaching me the technique and get me on injury free road and feeling strong again. 

In regards to training programs, Paul has hit every nail on the head with program design. It's kept me interested, made me challenge myself and most importantly injury free and structurally strong again. Paul is a master at what he does and so humble at the same time.

I’ve learnt so much from him and he's always there 24/7 to support.


Bring on next year Paul, where a long dream of mine is to get on stage. Well that will finally come true. I will be ready and that's because of with your motivation, guidance and wealth of knowledge!
I can't thank you enough Paul!

I know this will be hard for you to take this feedback but you honestly have been awesome!! 
Best investment I have made to feeling human again”