The Year That Was... 2018

Let me start at the start. One of my favourite transformations of the year. Why?

Well, firstly it started with someone coming to me in a vulnerable position, having the bravery to be vulnerable, and then committing to turning everything around. 

Second, it not only involved the loss of weight/body fat, but also the longer term maintenance, which is the more difficult aspect.

Third, all of this was achieved whilst dealing with some pretty stressful life experiences (changing jobs, moving halfway across the world etc.).

Rachel's story is well worth the 5 minute investment it takes to read -


So, how do you top a transformation like that?

Well, Matteo did a pretty good job with his amazing transformation in the process of competing in the ACN Male Physique Category in September.

Matteo managed a very impressed 2nd Place, narrowly missing out on victory.

Matteo worked incredibly hard to get his physique into the condition required. Clearly, the hard work paid off.

Read Matteo's story here -


In May it was my turn to don the fake tan and stand on stage :-) 

Having competed 2 years previously I wanted to have another attempt.

I was extremely pleased with my prep and stood on stage several kilos heavier than before with the same level of body fat.

Unfortunately it wasn't quite enough to win but I was happy with my second place and my overall condition.

Thanks toBrad for prepping me for this competition.


July saw the Advanced Fat Loss Seminar, which was a collaboration with Brad from 'School of Strong'

This one day seminar combined both practical and theoretical elements of fat loss from a training, nutrition and lifestyle perspective.

To read the key take home points from the day, read on here:


In May, both Brad and myself ventured into corporate training. 

We were asked by Daniel Sullivan of Formbay to train their staff, helping them with postural issues, fitness, strength, nutrition and general health.

After embarking on some general prep training, we began a fat loss challenge in October.

The guys all got DEXA scans done to measure body fat and lean body mass.

Over the 8 week period we saw an average loss of 3kg body weight.

See the video below from one of the Formbay group Troy...

This year I wrote my first e-book: "Fat Loss Simplified".

In my experience, people very often over-complicate the process of losing weight/body fat.

This book is a guide for those who are embarking on a fat loss journey and want some no-nonsense advice and guidance.

If you're stuck or confused about where to focus your attention, this book is for you:

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