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Question: If you were to sum up the benefits of losing weight/body fat and training in one sentence, what would you say?

This was the exact question I posed to my clients this week.

All answers can be found below. 

Some consistent themes emerged, namely...

  • Improved confidence 
  • Feeling Happier/Better about yourself 
  • Improved Mindset 
  • Improved performance 
  • Success in other areas of life

Read on for full answers and transformation pictures....

I can’t imagine a better physical feeling than transitioning from fat to fit
— Daniel Blakemore

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Confidence, more energy, feel better about myself
— John Bain
The combination of both gives me a better sense of well-being, improved confidence and feeling more successful
— Kieran Roche

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For me, training allows me to do the things I love, football/hike/run/kayak (essentially just be active) and have a body that supports that rather than one that is holding me back
— James Manning

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It lets your body do and feel what it was designed to do and feel like
— Glen Gantley
I think the most rewarding aspect to this journey is realising untapped potential; turning the seemingly improbably into something that’s distinctly possible
— Adam Davey

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The benefits to fat loss and training are improved confidence levels, better mindset, and prolonged life.
— Roxanne Oldham
A deep-seeded and profound sense of self confidence that permeates virtually every other aspect of my life
— Eric Finnell

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I would consider myself a confident person, but I also think when I don’t feel that I look good my confidence drops a lot. Improving my body composition over the last year has sky rocketed my confidence, helped me make huge life decisions, urged me to go to grad school in natural medicine (I got in!), and when I wake up every morning I’m proud of myself and it motivates me to be better at everything.

You can’t fake a good physique (unless I guess you take steroids or whatever), but it’s definitely a sign of hard work and dedication. You have taught me that slow and steady does indeed win the race, and being fit and looking fit isn’t as hard as majority of the people think it is. Sure, sometimes it can be tough... but most of the time I’m so satisfied with the food I eat and feel nice and full. This whole year spent working with you improving my body Comp and training smarter has actually changed my entire life (obviously for the better!).

So I guess back to the question- my answer would be confidence, my attitude towards food, and my over all motivation for everything in life.
— Rachel Wolochatiuk

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Endless Happiness
— Matteo Sassi